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  • Gain Thousands of Twitter Followers In Days

    You Can Buy Twitter Followers From Us Safely & With A Money Back Guarantee

Dramatically increase your Twitter presence, snowballing your followers and driving extra attention to your profile.

No Follow Back Required, No Account Password Needed, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Plans and Pricing

  • 1,000
    Twitter Followers
    • 1-3 Day Delivery
  • 5,000
    Twitter Followers
    • 1-3 Day Delivery
  • 10,000
    Twitter Followers
    • 1-3 Day Delivery
  • 25,000
    Twitter Followers
    • 1-5 Day Delivery
  • 75,000
    Twitter Followers
    • 1-7 Day Delivery
  • 100,000
    Twitter Followers
    • 1-9 Day Delivery

Every Package Includes

Money Back Guarantee

We take our commitment to delivering new twitter followers quickly and in the very unlikely event that we fail to deliver the number of followers in the time stated when you buy twitter followers from us you will be offered to choose between a full refund (with no followers delivered) or a discount with all followers delivered.

Superb Customer Support

We know how frustrating it can be to wait for customer support to respond and that is why we strive to offer the fastest customer support in the business. We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours during Monday to Friday but we normally respond within 2 hours during normal business hours.

Drop Off Replacement

All twitter accounts will have a natural turnover of followers but if you see that any of the new twitter followers we deliver dropout within 2 months we will replace them at no extra cost. If the dropout rate of our followers is above 10% during the first year we will replace them too.

Why Buy Twitter Followers?

The more followers you have on twitter the faster you will attract even more that will be interested in what you are selling or the writing about. A high number of followers increases retweets and favourites which drives up your fan base further – it is a snowball effect that needs a push to get started. The ‘widom of the crowds’ and ‘social proof’ effect also plays a part in increasing twitter followers – if somebody sees that one company or person already has a high number of followers they are likely to follow them too.

Will The Followers Look Fake?

No all the followers we sell with have pictures, biographies and many tweets. We do not use bots to create fake twitter followers like many suppliers. Therefore, should anyone look through your twitter followers they will not be able to distinguish between the ones that were purchased and the ones than followed you naturally.

4 Steps to Buy Twitter Followers

  • Select Package

    Select the number of followers you would like and click “Details”.

  • Provide Twitter Username

    Enter in your twitter username in the box provided and click 'Add To Cart'.

  • Make Payment

    Click 'View Cart' to check the order and enter in your payment details.

  • Track Order

    You will receive email confirmation of your order and you can track the progress in your private admin area.


  • Having made a couple of small orders on other sites I can say that your followers are definitely the best. I spent time looking through the profiles and tweets of many of them and it would be impossible for anyone to conclude they were paid for. 

    Jason M.
    Jason M.
  • I saw something on the news about a celebrity buying twitter followers and after I looked into it I thought I would give it a go myself. The boost of followers I paid for has resulted in me getting loads more followers naturally every week so yeah, I am happy that I did this.

    Ben Rueben
    Ben Rueben

Common Questions

How will this help my profile?

A twitter account that has a large following and tweets regularly is far more likely to be followed by others and to gain attention than an account with very few followers. We’ll help build your popularity and following fast to build upon your current efforts. Just remember to keep tweeting regularly to continue to build your profile.

Who buys your services?

We have a wide range of clients that are normally split into three categories:

Professionals (i.e. musicians, actors, athletes etc) looking to increase their credibility by boosting their follower numbers.
Companies & groups (i.e. start up businesses, large established consumer businesses, government agencies) looking to increase their influence and implied popularity that a high twitter numbers provide.
Private individuals who simply want to look more popular or who want to have a greater number of followers to engage with.

How active are the followers you sell?

It obviously varies between orders (i.e. personalities and twitter habits vary from person to person) and it will also depend on how often you tweet yourself. However, it must be said that the followers you gain by actively engaging with other twitter users and getting retweeted are likely to be far more active than the ones you purchase. You are buying twitter followers not ready made fans.

The reason why most people choose to pay for twitter users that they don’t know is that it is widely accepted that a twitter account with a high follower count will lead to even more followers due to the concepts of ‘social proof’ and ‘wisdom of the crowds’. Someone who likes one of your tweets is far more likely to follow you if you have over 5,000 followers than than just 50.

Is this safe to do on my Twitter account?

Yes, though we recommend having an established Twitter account with at least 5 tweets before ordering our services. Twitter doesn’t like it when new accounts receive a lot of attention and if you suddenly add thousands of of followers to an account with no tweets your you may be flagged for review.

What information do I need to give you?

All we need is your twitter username.

Are these followers guaranteed?

Yes. We are one of only a handful of social media companies that guarantees your twitter followers. If you follower count drops off within the first two months of your order we will restore them free of charge.

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